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5 Unique Places on Earth

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

The Devil’s Kettle Waterfall

This waterfall is located in Minnesota, US. I might seem normal at first sight but this waterfall is quite mysterious. It is made up of two bodies of falling water. The upper body falls to a large natural hole in the cliff and somehow creates the lower part. The thing is, no one knows where all the water from the waterfall goes. Some people have dropped various things from above, but they never appear in the water bodies below. Well, some may say that the water simply goes into the ground, but still, the water has to come up somewhere!

The Hessdalen Lights

In a place called Hessdalen Valley in Norway, mysterious lights burn in the sky every night. They appear in different colours and shapes. This phenomenon has been occurring for approximately 4 decades now. According to some theories, these lights could be caused by a radio-active lake nearby. Another idea is that sulphuric acid at the bottom of the valley causes them. But there’s no definite reason yet.

Boiling River In The Amazon

Deep in the Amazon forest, in the town of Mayantiyacu, there is a flowing body of water. The temperature of this river can reach up to 90 degrees Celcius! The strange thing is, no one knows why the river is so hot. A boiling water body is usually attached to an active volcano or a magmatic system. But there are no volcanoes within 644 km of the town Mayantiyacu. There is no scientific explanation as to what is heating this river up so drastically.

Movile Cave

Movile Cave is located in South-Eastern Romania. It has its own ecosystem, similar to another planet! It had remained closed and dark for 5.5 million years. When scientists went to investigate, they found a lake of sulphuric water. The cave’s air was filled with Hydrogen Sulphide and contained 100 times more Carbon Dioxide than normal. Surprising how animals survive in an atmosphere as toxic as that! This ecosystem contains 33 species that cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. This cave gives us a glimpse of what might be living on other planets.

Circles of Namibia

In this extremely hot desert, there are vast fields of grass. On these fields, there are hundreds of evenly placed circles. These circles are almost perfect and range from about 3 to 20 meters in diameter. No one can figure out why they occur. There are many hypotheses, but they haven’t been confirmed yet.


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