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A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

It was past midnight. Selena was having trouble sleeping. After a few hours of lying awake, she got out of bed and went to the window. The street was illuminated by moonlight and the mild light of street lamps.

Selena was staring absently at the street when she spotted translucent figures emerging from afar. As it neared, Selena saw that it was a group of ghosts on transparent horses. They were led by the headless horseman himself.

At first, Selena thought she was hallucinating. But then her twin brother, Travis, ran into her room.

“Do you see them?” he whispered.

Selena nodded and gestured towards the window. Travis’s eyes widened.

“So I wasn’t dreaming,” mumbled Travis.

“No, you weren’t,” Selena whispered back.

“What do you make of it?”

“Someone’s playing tricks on us,” Selena said, thinking logically.

“But who?”

“We’ll see tomorrow. Go to sleep now,” said Selena.

As Travis went back to his room, Selena began to consider possibility after possibility. Eventually, she went to sleep, having found a logical explanation for the mystery.

The next morning, Selena explained her theory to Travis.

“Someone must be projecting the pictures of ghosts to scare us. They could be standing on the hill in the distance to get a better view of the street. And I think it’s Mary, the next-door neighbor. She is still angry that I beat her at the debating match.”

“I agree. But how do we stop her?” asked Travis.

“First we should confirm our theory. Then we can go up the hill and catch her in the act.”

That night Travis stayed in Selena’s room. They were looking out of the window when Selena saw a small figure moving up the hill. She pointed this out to Travis. They watched as the figure came to the top and bent to pick something up.

“That’ll be the projector, then,” said Travis.

“Yeah. See the ghosts?”

Sure enough, the galloping ghosts were going down the street.

“Mystery solved!”

“We will go up the hill tomorrow night.”

The next night Selena and Travis went to bed fully dressed. As soon as they heard their father snoring, they slipped out of their rooms and into the hall. Selena took the key out of a flower pot and unlocked the door. They went out and started toward the hill. After one hour of walking, they came to the top of the hill.

“Let’s wait here. Mary won't be long now,” Selena said.

She was right. After about five minutes, Mary came to the top of the hill. She didn't see the twins. She took out a projector from behind a bush.

“Now!” whispered Travis.

“Hello Mary,” said Selena. “Too bad you couldn't fool us with your projector.”

Mary jumped and turned. When she saw the twins, she gasped and ran down the hill, taking the projector with her.

“Case closed,” said Selena.

The twins went home, laughing all the way. They did not get bothered by Mary ever again.

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