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A Tale of Two Twins

Selena and Travis are twins. They think they’re normal, but they were born precisely at midnight. This makes them unique. They have the ability to discover the truth behind every mystery.

Selena and Travis had had an exhausting day. They had just gotten into bed when there was a loud pop, and they both disappeared. Half a millisecond later, they found themselves in outer space. Strangely, they could breathe normally and withstand the pressure. And they were circling around something.

“What is happening?” asked Selena.

“Looks like we are in the Event Horizon of a black hole,” replied Travis.

Surprisingly, both didn’t feel any fear. Slowly, they felt themselves being sucked in. Soon, there was absolute darkness. After a few seconds of moving aimlessly, they saw a strange white light shining close by. A white hole. Again, Selena and Travis were sucked in. But this time, they were thrown out into a whole new world.

Somehow, the twins managed to land on their feet. Everywhere they looked, strange people were roaming about, disappearing occasionally. This seemed completely normal to the others. The twins cautiously walked further. It was like Earth, just more developed. Buildings of all sizes and shapes were scattered around. People were travelling in strange-looking aircraft.

“I think we are in a higher dimension,” said Selena.

“Yes, but which one?” asked Travis

Selena pointed to a man who was putting his hand through a wall.

“It’s 4D,” she said. “I wonder how we got here?”

“Never mind that. Let’s find a way to go back to Earth.”

“Maybe these people know.”

“We won’t understand them.”

“I guess we’d just have to try our luck with another black hole,” Silena sighed.

Just as they were about to find a way out of the planet, there was another loud pop, and both woke up in bed.

Of course, they both thought they had had a messed-up dream. They were amused to find that they had dreamt the same thing. Or was it just a dream? I don’t think so!

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