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An Untold Story

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Around 9 a.m., we arrived at the Sigiriya premises. It was a fine day. The sky was clear and blue. The blowing wind was chilly. Few people were there enjoying the atmosphere. I was with my class teacher and my colleagues. We came to see Sigiriya as it was a lesson in the subject of Environmental Studies.

‘Look there!’ Minuli shouted.

I turned my head to the direction Minuli pointed. The Lion’s rock was looming over us. I was attracted by that splendid view of it. Suddenly I felt the rock was calling me towards it to discover its wondrous secrets.

‘Too much reading,‘ I told myself.

The footpaths were made up of boulders. The harmony of nature made me relaxed. We were passing the most famous Sigiriya water gardens. No water can be seen in the water canals now. A sudden breeze swept over my face. A strange feeling went over me.

I felt like I had walked on this road a million times. And these water canals... Why don't I see a single crocodile in the outer canals? Where are the blooming lotus flowers? What happened to the chirping birds and beautiful butterflies? Why can’t I hear the joyful laughter of my friends? What's going on here?

I snapped back to reality again. The strange feeling was gone. My colleagues were walking around, admiring the water gardens. I couldn't understand what was going on with me. I had never been to Sigiriya and yet I felt at home.

‘It seems that you are hungry. Girls, let's have our breakfast here. Come on, hurry up!’ called my teacher.

As we settled down on the grass to eat, I pulled out my snack. It smelt good. But I didn't have an appetite at all, so I put it back.

Fifteen minutes later, we started towards the rock. The breeze nudged me, whispering in my ear. I felt a bit comfortable as the wind swept through my hair. The surroundings were very familiar to me. How could it be? I have never been to Sigiriya before. I kept walking with my friends.

That strange feeling swept over me again.

Oh! What had happened to Guardian Lion? Where is his head? The Lion’s legs looked terrible without his upper body. What will the royals do seeing this? Oh my God! Where is the entrance? How will I go up now?

The feeling subsided. I was suddenly back in reality. I felt dizzy. What's going on with me?

‘Girls, be very careful when you are climbing up. Don't look down if you are scared. OK?’ It’s my teacher. She’s advising us.

That feeling was back. I let others go in front of me and stayed back. We had to climb up, using the staircase. But, it was very tiresome. Were these people insane to climb the rock like this!? I know an easier way…A lift...While the lion’s head was unharmed.....Could it still work? I went to the lion’s right foot. I chose a nail, the one I liked the most. I tapped on the nail three times in a rhythmical way.

Here I am in my favourite dungeon. I looked around, fascinated. The ponds were still there, full of lotus flowers. I missed the scenery of colourful butterflies and birds. The dungeon was lit by the familiar moonstones. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath of floral smell.

I felt like someone was looming over me. I slowly opened my eyes. King Ravana with his flying machine! His eyes were full of love and caring. He smiled at me.

'After a long long time, we meet again in the same dungeon, but, all this time, the memory of you was always in my heart. The bravery, courage, discipline, confidence and awareness you had were exceptional and incomparable. Thinking about you still makes me proud and happy,’ said the King. His deep voice filled me with warmth.

‘We have to rebuild our country. As we know once this country was very strong and developed. See what has happened to our beloved country. You have sacrificed your life many times to protect it. But selfish leaders have put our country in this crisis. According to our destiny, in the near future, we will meet again with other patriotic friends. We have a duty to fulfill, a promise to keep. We will make this country proud and prosperous as it was before. Till then you have to develop your skills; be kind to nature; be vigilant and stay focused. And make sure to keep this encounter between us secret.'

I could see the shine of his eyes. He was counting on me, as always. Ah, now I remember. I am a devoted warrior. A chosen one.

“For now, go join your classmates. We will meet soon,” said the king.

And just like that, I was on top of Sigiriya.

‘Siheli! How did you come up? We thought you were still down, wondering about and doing nothing!’


Now I remember thousands of years of my past. I had always been a chosen one. I should protect my country. My king was counting on me.

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