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Charlie The Dog

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

One day, I noticed a dog running along the street. Sure, there were lots of stray dogs living around our house, but this one had a leash. It belonged to someone. I waited until the afternoon. The dog would most likely return to its owner then. It came running up the street, but disappeared around the corner.

A few weeks passed. The dog didn’t make any more appearances. I had forgotten about it until I saw it in my neighbour’s back garden. A boy of my age lived there. He was playing with the dog. So I asked him if the dog had been his all along. He said that the previous owner had given the dog to him and that its name was Charlie. I love dogs (a drastic change from that one time I HATED dogs), so I asked him to bring Charlie to our house.

Charlie was very playful. After some time, it looked at me as if expecting something. So, I gave him a biscuit. He ate hungrily. Apparently, he liked biscuits. After that, Charlie made it a habit to come to our house every day. He would place his head between the railings of the gate and wait for me to give him biscuits.

Charlie is a good follower of orders. He still has a chain around his neck, but he mostly understands our commands. I play with Charlie every evening now. He is a good friend and keeps me company during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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