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Extinct Animals That Are Going To Become Unextinct In The Near Future.

#1 Wooly mammoth

While most woolly mammoths died out about 10,000 years ago, there was a population of 500-1,000 of them living in Wrangel Island in 1650 BCE. The woolly mammoth was roughly the size of an African Elephant. It had a shoulder height of 11 feet and weighed about 60 tons. Researchers of Harvard are planning to create an embryo that would be a hybrid between an elephant and a woolly mammoth. This animal has already got the nickname ‘Mammophant.” It would look like an elephant, but it would also have shaggy fur and smaller ears. Its blood would be adapted to cold climates.

#2 Saber-toothed tiger

The Saber-toothed tiger was about the size of a big cat. It weighed from 200-600 pounds and could get up to 13 feet long. It usually had a muscular neck, bobbed tail, powerful front legs and dagger-like teeth. Their teeth reached up to 1 inch! Are you 100% sure you wanna resurrect this one?

#3 The Moa

The Moa is an ostrich-like bird, minus the wings. We know of about 10 members of the Moa family. Some were the size of turkeys, while others reached up to the height of 10 feet. This makes them the largest birds to inhabit our planet. Moas were enthusiastically hunted just 600 years ago. Resurrecting a Moa is easy compared to other animals. In fact, their DNA has already been extracted from remnants of eggs.

#4 The ground sloth

The ground sloth is enormous. At first sight, you might even assume it’s a bear. But it actually belongs to the sloth family. Ground sloths are likely to be resurrected successfully since they still walked the Earth 8,000 years ago. Some samples of their DNA have already been received from undamaged hairs.

#5 The dodo

This famous bird went extinct just eight years after it was discovered. Its only known habitat was Mauritius Island. It lived peacefully until the Dutch showed up in the 1590s. Unfortunately, dodo birds hadn’t seen humans before, and they weren’t afraid of them. This made the birds easy to hunt. The dodo may soon become unextinct, though. Scientists just need to find some more DNA samples of the bird.

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