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Fun With Paradoxes

#1 The Liar’s Paradox

Consider this sentence:

“This sentence is false.”

If this sentence is true, then it’s false. But if it’s false, then it’s true. This is The Liar’s Paradox.

#2 The Barber’s Paradox

Imagine there’s only one barber in the whole town. This barber cuts the hair only of people who do not do it themselves. But then, who cuts the barber’s hair? He can’t cut it himself because he only cuts the hair of people who don’t do it themselves. So, if the barber cuts his hair himself, he can’t cut it himself.

#3 The Egg Paradox

What came first? The hen or the egg? For a hen, there should be an egg. For an egg, there should be a hen. No one has an answer to this question.

#4 Pinocchio Paradox

What happens if Pinocchio suddenly said, "My nose will grow now?" Pinocchio has to be lying because his nose wasn't about to grow. But then if he was lying, his nose will grow.

#5 The Grandfather's Paradox

Imagine there was a time-traveler. He went back in time and killed his grandfather. But then, his father wouldn't have existed. Without the father, the son himself wouldn't be there. So, he can't go back in time to kill his grandfather.

#6 The Axe Paradox

There's an axe. It's regularly used. Eventually, the handle breaks. You get a replacement. Then the blade rusts. You get a replacement. But then, after you've replaced all parts, is it even the same object?

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