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Hassle in a Castle

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

It all started with a dare. My friend and I were playing when she dared me to fetch the treasure that was said to be in Grimm Castle. Grimm Castle was an old castle on the edge of the town. I didn't believe the rumours about the treasure but I didn’t want to be teased either. So there I was, walking along the dark street in the middle of the night.

The moon was half-hidden by clouds and didn't give much light. I only had the glow of the street lamps and the beam of my torch to lead me along. Every little sound made me jump. Still, I went on. The path was slippery under my feet. My sandals went ‘ tap-tap-tap on the cobblestones. Still, I moved on, afraid to stop and hear the silence.

After about two hours of walking, I reached Grimm Castle. The castle was a terrifying sight. It loomed ahead, towering over the few buildings scattered around it. This place was known to have the spirits of the long-gone roaming about. I stepped in, not daring to breathe. Silence. I began to make my way across the grounds and towards the castle.

The castle didn't seem to have any floors. And if it did, they were invisible. I could only see a vast space around me. My torch dimmed. I had to be quick. Shadows seemed to be flitting past me. I searched every nook and cranny of Grimm Castle. Nothing. I searched for secret passages and trap doors. None.

“The treasure must be just a nasty rumour,” I told myself starting towards the door.

The door was just a second away when all the doors began to open and close very fast, letting in chilly gusts of air.

The ancient rumour flashed into my mind:

‘ Spirits of the long-gone roam the castle grounds.’

“Who dares to disturb our sleep?” shrieked an airy voice.

“Who goes there?” screamed another voice.

That’s when I regretted coming in. I opened the door, jumped out and ran the rest of the way home.

The next morning I told my friend what had happened. Of course, she didn't believe me.

“So, you really went into the castle?” she asked for the third time in a row.

“Yes,” I patiently replied for the third time.

“I bet you took one look at the castle and ran home.”

“Well, if you think so, I suppose you aren’t afraid to go there at night and hunt for the treasure?”

“Not at all,” she said. “There are no such things as ghosts.”

“ Alright. But I suggest you go and take a look for yourself.”

“Sure,” my friend said, laughing.

I smiled and nodded, knowing what was going to happen.

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