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Hiranya's Dessert

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

We visited this place for dinner while the Covid -19 pandemic. It's a nice place, calm and quiet. I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere. It was not crowded (We are lucky not having many people around us. You would know later why I said we are lucky)

Date : 16 - 01-2021

Place : Restaurant “ISSO”

Time : 7 P.M

The main course was delicious. We all were happy and satisfied.

DESSERT time came.

Hiranya and I were to select the dessert.

Pictures of interesting desserts appeared on the menu.

What is “Fried Ice - cream”? A puzzled look on her face.

“Let's try it” I was always adventurous.

It took about 15 minutes to arrive.

OK. Now Hiranya is going to act some funny role.

“They are mistaken. This is a cutlet” Hiranya said. Her eyes were wide as marbles.

“No. Here is a flower on the top of this. It can't be a cutlet". I was not patient enough to admire the beauty of the desert and started eating, letting Hiranya do the admiring part.

Hiranya stopped admiring the dessert and started watching me eat.

A little later inside the dessert, she could see ice - cream on my dessert plate.

She hurried, tasted the peel of the dessert ball first.

Uh oh. She very clearly doesn't like it... And so starts the incredible Ice-Cream Rescue Mission.

A very serious look appeared on her face.

She took the knife and the fork and focused on the dessert plate.

Her face reminded me of a doctor who is in the middle of a serious operation, the kind in which the patient may die at the slightest error.

As I finished off mine, she started to peel the dessert very carefully (does that even make sense?)

The chef who made this dessert must have taken a lot of time to put the ice cream into the crispy peel. I'm sure it might not have been an easy task. I know the harder cooking is, the more expensive dessert is.

My mother looked up from texting her friends.

My father stopped responding to his emails on his phone

Hiranya’s mother looked shifty and embarrassed.

I was kinda already watching her knife and fork attack the peel.

Hiranya didn’t see any of this. She was busy peeling off the dessert ball.

Finally, she took off all the crispy layers.

The vanilla ice cream was on her plate, devoid of even a tiny scrap of peel.

The crispy layer was lying miserably on a side of the plate.

She lifted her head. A wide smile on her face. A victorious smile.

"The person who will invent the cure for Covid- 19 won't be having such a smile on their face one day" was my thought.

She was not aware of how eagerly the others were watching her, because she was very happy to see the ice cream on her plate.

She took her time to enjoy the ice cream.

When she finished that it'd been 40 minutes for her dessert task.

A tenth of that money would've been enough to by a simple vanilla ice-cream...

My mother said with a sigh.

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