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Horrors of Halloween

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

It was Halloween night. Mary had just hung the last pumpkin and was admiring her work when she began to hear strange noises. There was the crunching of leaves and loud shouts of protest followed by a blood-curdling howl. Mary ran into the house and didn't stop until she was in her attic bedroom.

After a few seconds, when she had calmed down, Mary opened a window facing her garden and peeked out. First, she smelled an unrecognizable stench. Curious, she squinted at her decorated garden.

The pumpkins seemed to be alive. They glared at Mary through glowing red eyes. Mary took her eyes off the pumpkins and immediately wished she hadn't. A witch, a vampire, a werewolf and a pixie stood in the garden, staring at something she couldn't see. Mary froze. She had never seen such a sight. She squinted harder. What were they staring at? She saw a castle looming ahead. It had crumbling walls and seemed to be alive, too. As Mary watched, the group of four walked towards the castle. As they reached it, the sight vanished before her eyes.

Mary stood still for a few minutes, staring into thin air. She was lost in thought trying to answer a thousand questions that were popping into her mind.

“Mary, have you finished decorating? I gave you ten pumpkins. Did you hang them all?” shouted her mother.

“Yes, mother,” she called back, snapping back to reality and running into the living room.

“Mother, did you see the witch in our garden?” asked Mary.

Her mother laughed.

“Sometimes you run too far with your imagination, Mary.”

So, for that night, Mary convinced herself that it was her imagination. But she continued seeing the horrible sight year after year on Halloween night. That way, she knew that it wasn't her imagination. You may celebrate and have fun on Halloween night, but always be aware of the Horrors of Halloween. You may be the next victim to see horrid sights.

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