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Most Mysterious Things About Space

There is a giant hand in space. This hand is seemingly reaching towards a pool of hot lava. This sounds like a scene from a horror movie, but there's a simple explanation. A star with enormous power is causing space debris to make a hand shape. And the lava? That's just a gas cloud.

There's a strange star in the depths of space that flashes on and off. This happens in odd intervals. The star is called 'Tabby Star.' For years the star remained a mystery. Now, scientists say that there's a ring of dust surrounding the star. The movement of the dust causes the star's light to be dimmed temporarily. Sorry, no aliens.

In 2014, NASA captured a strange picture of the Sun. It tells us that the Sun likes to play 'dress-up.' Light from the Sun's magnetic fields caused two eyes, a nose and a mouth to appear on the star's surface. The Sun looked like a colossal jack-o-lantern. Fortunately, this look was just a coincidence. It doesn't mean that there's a lunatic who does pumpkin-carving in outer space. Hey, I want to know if this is a trick or a treat.

On day 8 of its mission, China's Lunar Rover captured something strange on the far side of our moon. There was a green, jelly-like liquid in one of the craters. It seemed to glitter like diamonds. Scientists think that the sheen comes from glass. The liquid appears to be melted rock. No aliens, either.

Satun's moons are strange. Tethys appears to have a large eye. Atlas looks like a loaf of pitta bread. Prometheus looks like a potato. Mimas resembles a villain's spacecraft.


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