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My First Journey by Plane

A few months back, my father decided we were going to the UK because of his job. He went in February and we were to go in April. I was excited since it was going to be the first time I travelled by plane.

Finally, after a lot of waiting and planning, 10th April arrived. My father had returned from England to help us since it was our first plane journey. I was both nervous and excited as we arrived at the airport. The flight was due at 1.50 and we had to wait two hours for the plane. During those two hours, I read a book to pass the time. The flight was delayed by 10 minutes, but it could have been worse according to my father. Two air hostesses greeted us as we entered the plane. To my immense surprise and delight, I got to sit by a window.

When every passenger was seated, safety instructions were given through speakers and also displayed on a tablet set to the seat in front of me. As the plane took off, I felt the pressure drop, causing air to block my ears. I looked out of the window and was greeted by a spectacular sight. The sandy yellow Sri Lankan coast met the blue-green Indian ocean, getting smaller as we ascended quickly. Soon, I could only see endless blue sky and soft white clouds when I looked out the window. After a few minutes of watching, I settled down to read.

Time passed quickly for me, as it always does when I’m reading. Before I even knew it, three hours had passed from the ten-hour journey. The air hostesses served a dinner of fish and chips. I enjoyed the food.

Soon after, I got bored and decided to watch movies on the tablet in front of me. After some searching, I watched ‘Raya and the Last Dragon.’ It was an excellent film, packed with action and mystery. After watching that, I followed the journey of the aircraft on the tablet. The tablet showed views from cameras placed on several sides of the plane.

Time passed. The air hostesses served breakfast. It consisted of spaghetti and meatballs, and I didn’t enjoy it much. After breakfast, my mother instructed me to sleep but, try as I might, I couldn't. I read a book for the rest of the journey.

A voice blared from the speakers, startling me. It was the pilot, instructing us to secure our seatbelts and prepare for landing. The plane descended, tilting from side to side, and I felt the air pressure equalise again, making my ears pop. As the aircraft rushed toward the ground, I could make out the winding roads and green stretches of England. The vastness of it all shocked me.

The landing took about fifteen minutes. Finally, the aeroplane’s wheels touched down and we landed at Heathrow airport.

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