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Rare Diseases That Curse People With Superpowers

#1 Hyperthymesia

This disruption of memory causes a person to remember every day of their life, down to the last detail. There are only about 60 people who are born with this disease. The patients can describe their life in amazing detail. Even the memories from their deep childhood. Such people can recite lengthy extracts from books and even retell a news broadcast of any day. If you think these patients are lucky, then think again! These people can’t alter or forget their unpleasant experiences. Patients also suffer from intense headaches and tire easily.

#2 In-born Analgesia

People who suffer from this condition don’t feel pain at all. Surprisingly, despite the rareness of the illness, 40 or so cases have been registered in a town in Sweden. Why? No-one knows! The syndrome doesn’t affect mental ability or appearance; a person simply doesn’t feel pain. In maximum cases, people don’t feel others touching them. In real life, this condition is dangerous. Your body lets you know about the problems it has from pain. People with Analgesia could miss the symptoms. They won’t know even if they broke a bone!

#3 Savant Syndrome

Savant Syndrome is the ability to literally do anything. It is most common among people who have disorders such as Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. Patients are extremely talented in drawing, music writing, painting, calculations, cartography, and constructing 3D models. They can easily provide answers to complex math and even answer uncanny questions like 'what is 30th May 3012?' As an example, Stephen Wiltshire of England managed to draw a precise map of London after just one flight over the city. Despite seeming like geniuses, patients display inadequacy to the extent of mental deficiency.

#4 Insensitivity to cold

People who suffer from this disease don’t feel the cold. A vivid example is Wim Hof, a man from the Netherlands. He managed to stay 120 minutes in a pipe filled with cold water. He has climbed Mount Blanc wearing only his shorts and even swims under the ice of frozen lakes and rivers.

#5 Urbach-Wiethe disease.

People with this condition don’t experience fear. Only 300 cases are known, and a quarter of them have registered in South Africa. The most famous patient got the name ‘The Woman Who Knows No Fear.’ She is an American woman. She is known as ‘SM’ to maintain anonymity. Scientists tried various methods to make her afraid: they gave her poisonous snakes and spiders to hold, made her watch horror films, and even locked her in a haunted house. However, all their efforts were in vain. SM told scientists about events from her childhood that still didn’t scare her: A knife attack, domestic violence, and such. Researchers were surprised to find the woman still alive, despite being unable to detect danger.

#6 Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia.

If this scientific name is difficult, you can simply use the term ‘Vampire Disorder.’ Scary huh? Just wait till you hear about it; it gets even scarier. The term mentioned earlier describes the patients pretty well. People suffering from this condition have eerily pointed teeth. People with more prominent symptoms are extremely thin and pale. Their eyes are outlined with dark circles and hair is absent. The patients have to stay away from sunlight and frequently check their body temperature. Why? These people don’t have sweat glands in their bodies. Because of this, they cannot cool down when it’s too hot. Now you know where vampire stories came from, right?

#7 Polymelia

Polymelia is a strange disorder. People suffering from it are born with an unnatural number of limbs. In some cases, these limbs work, while in others, they don’t. One case in Pakistan was spectacular. A baby was born with as many as 6 legs! In this case, a parasitic twin was to blame. Surgeries that remove the extra body parts exist, but some refuse to get them removed. They think these body parts are useful to them.

#8 Stone-man syndrome.

This disorder is genetic. What’s more, it progresses through life. People with this disease have the soft tissue in their bodies turning to bone. This leads to terrible consequences. Muscles turn to bone and joints fuse together. If doctors try to remove this bone surgically, more bone tissue will develop in the area. Currently, there’s no existing treatment. Luckily, only one in two million people have this disease.

#9 Hypertrichosis

This condition is also known as ‘Werewolf Syndrome.’ Ugh! First vampires, then werewolves. Anyway, imagine having hair growing wildly in every part of your body. Well, this is the case with people who suffer from Hypertrichosis. Hair grows long and lush all over their bodies, even on their faces! The cause of the disorder is most likely to be a genetic mutation. However, in some cases, the disease has been provoked by anti-balding treatment! Surely, methods like shaving, waxing, or laser are effective but only have short-lasting results.

# 10 Foreign accent syndrome.

People who suffer from this condition don’t have trouble using any foreign accent. Their country people will believe that they are tourists, visiting the country. However, it is no fun for the patients themselves. They speak with a foreign accent uncontrollably. What is even more surprising is that some people who have acquired a French accent may not have been to France before. From time to time, patients use several accents, even simultaneously. The most common reason for this condition is a head injury or a stroke. The most effective treatment is speech therapy.

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