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Sam's Sivrax Adventure

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Sam is a normal boy, but his father has fairy blood. He can travel between dimensions. He often takes Sam and his mother to other planets. One day he said to his son:

“Sam, I will take you to a planet called Sivrax. This time you can choose whether to live on Earth or Sivrax.”

“Wow! I could live like an alien on Sivrax!” exclaimed Sam happily.

“I will take you this Summer.”

So, Sam went to Sivrax with his family. The planet was beautiful. It had rolling purple hills and shimmering lakes. The trees were the healthiest Sam had ever seen. The beauty took Sam’s breath away. It seemed to hypnotize him.

“Would you like to go for a walk in the forest, Sam?” asked his father.

“Oh, yes!” said Sam. He was curious about the animals on Sivrax.

“A walk will do us good,” said Sam’s mother.

Sam’s father led them towards a forest. When they entered it, Sam looked around. There was no sign of life. It was as if the animals were scared of something. Curious, Sam walked further. Equally curious, Sam’s parents followed close behind. They were in the heart of the forest when a tiger emerged from the trees.

The tiger was as big as an elephant. He looked at them and bared his huge teeth. It was ready to pounce.

“Run!” yelled Sam.

“No, don't! I can handle him!” cried his father.

He pointed his finger directly at the tiger. A bright beam wrapped around the huge animal and it vanished. Sam and his parents hurried out of the forest.

“I’d rather live on Earth other than any other planet,” muttered Sam.

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