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Tarquin's Tomb

I felt extremely nervous as we reached the entrance. Near a trapdoor, the name ‘Lucius Tarquinius Superbus’ was inscribed on a stone plaque. Underneath that, it read ‘Tarquin’s Tomb.’ I shivered. I didn’t have to be reminded how cruel Rome’s last emperor was.

“I still think we shouldn’t be here,” I told my friend, Mary.

“Are you kidding? This is fun,” she replied, opening the trapdoor.

Purple smoke curled out of the opening. We both took a step back. As the smoke continued to flow out, a skeleton climbed out of the trapdoor. It was filled with the same purple smoke.

“I, Tarquin, am free at last,” it thundered, though I had no idea how it was speaking. “Now I shall reclaim my kingdom.”

Suddenly, it spotted us.

“Who is this?” it asked. “Mortal children? Looks like it’s time for a snack.”

Suddenly, Mary picked up a large stone. Seeing what she was going to do, I did the same. At the same time, we threw the stones. I don’t think we’d have knocked Tarquin into the tomb if we hadn’t caught him by surprise. As he fell, we stepped forward and closed the opening. The rest of the smoke dissipated into nothing. After we’d made sure the trapdoor was securely closed, we ran home.

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