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The Asteroid Theory Trying To Explain The Bermuda Triangle

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

The legend of the Bermuda Triangle is a mystery we still cannot explain. The story begins with an Italian man by the name of Christopher Columbus. He wanted to sail across to Asia, as the continent was rich with spice, silk and minerals. In 1492, he started the journey. Nothing went wrong at first, except they were travelling in a completely wrong direction.

During the journey, Columbus experienced something strange. He was travelling between Bermuda island, Puerto Rico and Florida. He didn’t know it, but he was travelling right through “The Point Of No Return.” The Bermuda Triangle. It was all very average until he saw a sudden flash in the sky. Right after the flash, his compass needle began dancing all around the surface of the compass.

What happened? They say that it was a huge asteroid coming full-speed toward the Earth. According to theory, it exploded in the sky due to pressure, and the pieces landed in the Bermuda Triangle. It may have had a magnetic core within it. That'll explain the weird behaviour of the compass. Maybe it's still in there. Maybe that’s why all the ships and aircraft keep disappearing. Maybe the magnetic force of the asteroid pulls them in. Maybe. But why does a 500-year-old asteroid keep bothering us? No one knows.

As for the Bermuda Triangle, it’s a very mysterious place. There are a load of myths surrounding it: Squid that swallow ships, a giant sea serpent called a Leviathan, Sirens, Mermaids and even peg-legged pirates! Are these myths real? That’s for you to decide!

(With help from 'Bright Side')

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