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The Crazy Library

It was late afternoon. I was sitting alone in the library, making my way through a stack of books. It was unnaturally chilly, but I was far too interested in the books to care much. I was just about to pick up the next book when the lights went out.

I heard a lot of rustling and thudding. Then, I felt myself being thrown about. I struggled, but it was no use. Then, suddenly, the lights blinked back. I was lying on my back. Above me, I could see several book racks. Slowly, I got up. I was surrounded by racks. Usually, there was a clear way to the exit. But not now.

I didn’t know what had happened, but I knew I had to get out. I wondered if I could climb to the top of a rack. It took me several tries but, at last, I managed to get to the top. Immediately, I wished I hadn’t. What I saw scared me terribly. I was at one end of a maze that was made entirely of book racks. At the other end was the exit. In the middle, four words hovered in the air, blazing with golden light: “Find the correct book.”

I was extremely confused. As I climbed down, my fingers brushed the books. I pondered the words, trying to figure out what I had to do. Suddenly, I touched a book that felt different. It seemed to call me. I hopped down and took down the book. The title read: “Wizardology: The Secrets of Merlin.” Suddenly, the lights blinked out again. I was thrown about. When the lights switched on, I was sitting in the same position as I had been before all the crazy stuff.

I got up and, not even bothering to put the books back, I ran home. I still didn’t know what had happened, but one thing was certain: I was not going into the crazy library again.

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