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The Importance of Water

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Water is vital for all organisms on Earth. Without water life on Earth will not exist. But only 1% of the water on Earth is drinkable. Even some of the drinkable water is polluted.

We need water to drink and for many activities that include washing, farming, cooking, fishing, and so on. Animals too need water for their existence. So do trees.

Deforestation reduces the amount of water that is consumable, as trees help to keep the water clean. Rainforests help to get rain in the correct season. If we cut one tree, we must plant at least two trees to replace it, because water is very important.

Water gets polluted mostly by human activities. Waste from factories is getting mixed with water. Chemicals from agriculture get mixed with water when containers are washed directly from water bodies. When people wash animals in flowing water, it gets polluted. Water can be polluted by other animals, too. Animal waste can get mixed with water in rivers, lakes and ponds. Polluted water cannot be used since it brings diseases. We must not pollute water.

Therefore, we must remember that water is a gift from mother nature. So, for life in every form including microorganisms, water is vital. Deforestation would ultimately cause this Earth to become a desert. Water should be protected since it signifies life and should not be polluted.

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