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The Stranger

It was just another boring Saturday. I was walking around in the mall just because I had nothing else to do. Suddenly, I spotted a strange man walking towards me. He was wearing strange clothes and his eyes were bright red. As he passed by me, he quickly touched his finger to my forehead. Confused, I kept walking.

As I passed by different people, I saw their features change. There was one woman with a wrinkled, green face, a man with a cat’s paw, and a child with horns. Each person was more startling than the last. Somehow, I knew I could see all this because that strange man had given me the ability.

Eventually, I came across a plaque that read: “International Supernatural Confederation.” Beside that plaque stood a woman who had fangs. She lunged to bite me. I ducked and ran. That’s when I realized how much danger I was in. I ran the rest of the way home.

For a full week, everything remained normal. That is, until I gathered my courage to go to the mall again.

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