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‘Wings of Fire’ is a novel series by Tui T. Sutherland, who is an American children’s story writer. This series is about a fantasy continent named Pyrrhia in which several tribes of dragons exist. MudWings, SeaWings, NightWings, SandWings, and RainWings are some of them. The series has three arcs and they all explain various different adventures in the dragon world.

The first arc is about five dragonets who are destined to save the world from the current war for the SandWing throne. They eventually have to choose one of the dragons who are fighting to be the SandWing queen. The Dragonets of Destiny have been imprisoned in a cave their whole life and want to escape. They eventually get out of the cave and are immediately captured by the wicked queen of the SkyWings. From this point onwards, they keep getting in and out of trouble on their mission to save the world. Eventually, two of the SandWing queens are killed, leaving the dragon most unsuitable for the throne. The dragonets choose another powerful SandWing who has been ruling outcasts to be queen.

In the second arc, the dragons who saved the world have started a school for small dragonets. A NightWing dragonet named Moonwatcher (‘Moon’ for short) enters the school along with a whole lot of other dragons. Moon is a little out of the ordinary. She has mind-reading and prophecy powers. NightWings have been rumoured to have these powers, but no one has actually had them for years. Eventually, Moon starts hearing a voice in her head. After some time, she discovers that the voice belongs to an immortal NightWing named Darkstalker. Darkstalker is well-known for murdering dragons and trying to take over the world. He had been put to sleep and imprisoned by magic two thousand years ago, but time had broken the magic. Darkstalker eventually gets free and starts wreaking havoc all over Pyrrhia. Moon and her friends have to stop Darkstalker before he becomes the king of Pyrrhia.

In the third arc, we are introduced to a whole new continent named Pantala. Two species of dragons named SilkWings and HiveWings live on this continent. A species named LeafWings used to exist, but they are now extinct after what the other tribes call ‘The Tree Wars.’ SilkWings gain their wings and the ability to spin silk from their wrists after going through a stage called Metamorphosis. HiveWings live in massive structures named Hives. There are nine Hives and each one is ruled by a relative of the queen, Queen Wasp. SilkWings are also ruled by the same queen. The story starts when an excited SilkWing named Luna wakes her brother, Blue. It’s Luna’s Metamorphosis day. She wants to visit all her favourite places. Blue notices that Luna’s wrists are glowing red, but thinks it is normal. But when Luna enters her Metamorphosis stage, it turns out that she has fire in her silk. Such SilkWings are called Flamesilks. They are considered dangerous by HiveWings and so Luna is taken away by guards. More guards are sent to capture Blue, as they suspect that he’s a Flamesilk, too. But Blue manages to escape with the help of his friend and hides in a school for young HiveWings. Queen Wasp knows how to get into other HiveWings’ minds and control them. She uses this technique to try to capture Blue. But he meets a HiveWing who is immune to this and they escape safely. They save Luna, but on the way to finding somewhere safe, they discover that LeafWings still exist. They force Blue and his friends to steal an ancient artefact from a temple. Somewhere along the way, they lose Luna. As they escape, they are seen by many HiveWings. To be safe, a LeafWing, Sundew, takes them to the Poison Jungle. Eventually, Queen Wasp learns how to control SilkWings as well and a fight begins. Sundew and her friends set off on the long journey to find Pyrrhia, as they suspect that Luna might have ended up there. On Pyrrhia, the super-hyped IceWing queen, Snowfall meets them. She is afraid that these new dragons may be harmful, but according to Moonwatcher’s visions, they just need help.

The third arc is not yet complete. The 15th book is yet to be released. I’m eagerly waiting to read it.

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